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A former MLS player and U.S. men’s national team member told Seattle-based conservative talk show host Jason Rantz that he hopes MLS fans “wear their MAGA gear to MLS games” now that “antifa thugs have just fought, and won the freedom of political expression,” according to an article published Wednesday by Rantz. Sure, buddy.


This bold, anonymous statement comes one day after MLS decided to lift a ban, poorly enforced earlier this season, on supporters displaying the anti-fascist Iron Front flag at games. The league changed its protocol after Seattle Sounders fans staged a walkout last week.


Rantz, who claims that the “Iron Front logo has been co-opted by Antifa,” provided a friendly outlet for the anonymous player to pretend as if both sides are the same.

“I hope that people will now wear their MAGA gear to MLS games,” he told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “I hope they fly Trump 2020 flags. The Antifa thugs have just fought, and won the freedom of political expression, without censorship or judgement. They must now honor that from all who wish to express this newly achieved freedom at MLS games. I will not be surprised when they show their true fascist agenda by pushing MLS to ban those they disagree with, from expressing their differing political beliefs.”

Rantz, who used to work on the Sounders broadcast team for radio station KIRO, wrote that he granted the player anonymity “given the contentious nature of this controversy,” but claimed the source has no ties to the Sounders. If this mysterious soccer player wants fans to be loud and proud in their support of Trump, he should lead by example and attach his name to what he says.

Reporter at Deadspin.

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