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Revenge Of The Bullied: Casey Becomes An Icon

It's been a day since the Internet was introduced to Casey Heynes, the Australian kid who struck back against a bully. In Internet time, a day's an eternity, so let's bring you up to date.


The story is front page news in Australia, where they won't name the kids (Casey is 16, attacker Ritchard(or Richard) is 12) but do identify the school as Chifley College, in Sydney. They also confirm the fight took place Monday morning.

The news has spread from FOX News to Canada to random Oklahoma affiliates, but we're still woefully short on details since the Heynes family is reluctant to talk.

"There'll be reprisals from other kids in the school and he still has to go to school somewhere," Casey's father said. "He's not a violent kid, it's the first time he's lashed out and I don't want him to be victimised over that.

"He's always been taught never to hit. Apparently other people's parents don't teach their kids that."

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Surprisingly, Ritchard suffered no major injuries. There are conflicting reports on the boys' punishment, though both were suspended and police were called after the school learned about the fight, and we've been informed that Ritchard's suspension is the longer one. So make up your own mind about whether to join one of the many "Free Casey" fanpages that have been popping up (and being taken down, much like all the YouTube videos of the fight).


That hasn't stopped "Casey the Punisher" or "Zangief Kid" from becoming the toast of the Internet. The meme engine has gone into overdrive.

Casey's the reluctant hero, and it's no wonder the world is obsessed. His story strikes a cord with anyone who's even been bullied or just unfairly picked on by life. We received a handful of emails from people who just wanted to share their own stories of being bullied, and fighting back. Here are two: they seemed cathartic. If you'd like to vent your own bullying tales (anonymously), don't hesitate to share with us.

This vid brought back so many memories as chubby kid. I was bullied as a kid to. From grade 4 to 9 everyday I was beat up at least once. I had sticks across my teeth while biking, jumped by 2 or more kids, punched in the face from the side, broom handles to the back of the head, tripped and pushed, ect everyday. In Grade 9 I was walking down the hall when 3 kids pushed my head into the wall and I hit the ground and they started to boot fuck me bad and everyone around was laughing. Someone had a baseball bat and I got ahold of it. I ended up putting 8 people down with 4 broken hands (2 of the kids who started it), 2 elbows, 3 knees (kids who stared it again), a foot and 3 real bad head shots on the people who were laughing. I was in full control when I did it and knew what I was doing. I was suspended for a week after the police dropped all charges (a teacher watched the whole thing and didn't do anything). When I came back everyone hated me even more but were terrified of what I would do. I lived that up all through high school and had to fight like that many more times but the bulling finally stopped when in grade 11 the schools biggest bully decided he wanted to beat the crap out of me in front of everyone. I beat him so bad he was in the hospital for over a month and he never was normal after that. I learned that remorse is for the weak and friends are there to backstab you. I became very closed and got heavy into drugs for a long time. In my 20's I was a big mouth worse than when I was a kid. I gained lots of weight and didn't have many "friends". I ended up doing money collections for a local shark and collected on debts that were classed as "uncollectable" because I could hurt people without blinking an eye. At 29 I found a person I could trust and she helped me understand that I needed to deal with this before I did something stupid. It took a while but I decided to change (in my mid 30's) myself and my attitude (after my first son was born). I never told my wife or family of all the stuff that happened to me or what I did because there was some stuff that should be forgotten.

I look back now and see that everything that happens as a kid made me into a person I now hate but respect. Bullies need to be shown that they have a problem and there are consequences to treating people like crap. I have taught my kids that you never bully anyone or start a fight, you end them and end them fast with as little violence as possible. If it continues, send a distinct message.... Just like Casey did. Make sure that his self esteem is high and that friends are important otherwise he may go the road I did and I can tell you as an adult now I feel sorry for most of the stuff I have done and some of the people I have hurt.

I remember being bullied at school...and being a farm boy...I was ordinary looking , but very strong...throwing bales of hay...really builds you up....Well this kid...always was poking me from behind...and one day going down the hall...he kept pushing me from behind...and remember this was high school and grade nine....well after ten minutes of this...I said to my friend...excuse me a minute....i have to to fix something....I had my arm down by my side...i clenched my fist and without looking...swung my arm around and bang...ride on the side of his head...knocked him out cold...fractured his there were lots of kids witnessing this...and the other kids constant bullying and him bullying went to his aid..they just kept walking to class...
He never touched me again...nor spoke to me again...nor did I to him....he was okay...but the side of his head was black and blue....
And there was the time in grade ten the same guy was to be paired up with me in wrestling class...but he always got sick or called in sick...he never wrestled me...
I won the local wrestling champs....and was tops in the rings, and parallel bars...I was a strong quiet and very friendly kid...they either feared me or respected me....
I coached lots of the younger kids as I moved up the grades...the physed teacher always could count on me for that...I never tolerated horsing around...
And by the way it was never meant to hit him...only swing by him...but made the impact it did...


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