Reviewing The NFL Draft, As If Anybody Knows Anything

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Some "experts" — you know, the people who decide who did a great job in a draft mere hours after it was completed and before, uh, anyone so much as puts on more than a hat — were up on the New England Patriots' selections at the NFL Draft this weekend. We couldn't tell you, but we did love any and all shots of Bill Belichick yesterday. Bill! Are you letting your hair grow out? Someone's been hanging out with Bon Jovi!


The big deal of the draft seemed to be Philadelphia's heisting of the Carolina Panthers, but again, that was just the trading of draft picks, which let's us go out and do this again next year. (Sometimes, trading actual real solid living players is more helpful. The real trade last year involved Randy Moss, not an amorphous draft pick, and this year's top pick might ended up involving Pacman Jones.)

But yes. We know what you really went to know: Where did all the stoners end up being drafted? Celebstoner has your answers. Mario Manningham dropped quite a bit for Vicodin. Stuff'll do ya in.