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Revisiting A Truly Great Prank

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We did a very brief bit on this a couple of days ago, but we didn't give it nearly enough of a heads-up, since, frankly, it's one of the best examples of fan subterfuge we've ever seen.


Setting the scene. California hosting USC last Saturday. Trojans guard Gabe Pruitt steps to the free throw line. The crowd starts chanting, "VIC-TOR-IA! VIC-TOR-IA!"

Cut to earlier that week. Two Cal fans had set up an instant messager account for "Victoria," a "fictional UCLA hottie," and had been flirting with Pruitt all week. "Victoria" was supposed to meet Pruitt after the game for a rendezvous in Westwood.

Cut back to the free throw line. Not only do the fans start chanting "Victoria," they start reciting Pruitt's phone number back to him.

He missed both free throws. Obviously. We would have too.

Victoria, Not Victorious [rangelife]

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