Rex And Rob Ryan Scuffle At A Nashville Bar

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Twin brothers and failed NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan were in Nashville for the Stanley Cup Final, and they had more fight in them than P.K. Subban and Evgeni Malkin.


Rex, wearing a Bryce Harper jersey, and Rob, representing the Clemson Tigers, took a table near the open air Sunday at the Margaritaville Restaurant.

Rob loudly conducted a short interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Matt Freed, showing off the championship ring of his son Matt, a walk-on offensive lineman for the Tigers.

The Ryans were seemingly happy to chat with anyone who stopped by, including one guy with sunglasses tucked in his Nike shirt:


At some point, the conversation turned sour. Matty Ryan had to hold back his dad, who tried to choke the guy in the Nike shirt and yelled “Get his ass outta here!” Rex was also corralled.


“Got into an altercation at the Nashville Margaritaville” wouldn’t crack the 100 most surprising facts about Rex and Rob Ryan.