Rex Grossman Would Rather Not See Dudes Kissing

You might remember the above ad during the Super Bowl last night, in which two car mechanics "accidentally" kissed because of their intense desire for a Snickers bar. (It's the one where they start ripping out their chest hair in response, which is totally manly.) Well, Towleroad checked out the official Snickers site for the ad, After The Kiss, which features various Super Bowl participants — including the Sex Cannon! — "reacting" to the ad.


It's pretty hilarious, mostly because each player just can't imagine that two dudes might lock lips. (The "I hope they got paid a LOT of money for that!" reaction is our favorite.) Though sorry, Rexy: We don't believe this is the first time you've ever seen two fellas making out. You went to Florida!

Snickers Super Bowl: "Quick, Do Something Manly" [Towleroad]
After The Kiss [Official Site]