A reader sends in this photo he discovered while doing a bit of Facebook stalking. While he did not provide many details of the events that lead to this picture's existence, we can make a few inferences.

•The two lovebirds appear to have gotten married on a golf course.

•They either were married while wearing Miami Dolphins jerseys or each had their Miami Dolphins jerseys on hand in case of emergency.

•According to old-timey tradition the bride is presumably sexually pure. Or a liar.

•If you noticed the bride's left hand, you will be getting punched soon.

•The groom appears to be taking the Brandon Marshall trade well.

•Rex Ryan was either an invited guest or by some happy coincidence happened to be playing a round of golf at the same time a couple of Dolphins fans got married on a golf course while wearing their Dolphins jerseys (or each had their Dolphins jerseys on hand in case of emergency.)


•It was a lovely day for a wedding, but rain on your wedding day is supposedly good luck (but not ironic), so these two are probably screwed.