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Illustration for article titled Rex Ryan Has Tattoo Of Wife Wearing Jets Jersey Darkened To Bills Blue

Remember that tattoo Rex Ryan got of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey? That's a pretty embarrassing tattoo to have if you're the newly hired head coach of their division rival Buffalo Bills, so on Friday he rectified the situation. Via the Wall Street Journal:

He came up with the $80 answer on Friday. Mr. Ryan went to an Arizona tattoo parlor, where an artist darkened the jersey's color from Jets green to Bills blue.

"I mean, you've got to turn the page," he said.

The coach also rid himself of almost all his Jets apparel. That included the black sweater vests he superstitiously wore almost every game, pieces of Jets lore that each could be worth as much as $1,000, according to collectibles-dealer Heritage Auctions.


All of his Jets apparel? I mean, wasn't there a nice comfy longsleeve shirt he wanted to hang onto to sleep or workout in, or something? Nope.

Mr. Ryan, who is 52 years old, said he never considered holding on to Jets keepsakes or even leaving the tattoo green to remind of him of that period in life. He said his style was to immerse himself in the present.

"I'm all in," he said.

Ryan better hope he doesn't get fired again: there aren't many teams with jerseys darker than Buffalo's blue.


You can watch a short video, including an interview with that tattoo artist, on the Wall Street Journal's website.


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