For some reason, seemingly everything Broadway Joe says about the current Jets makes news in New York, where The Guarantee is something of a Sermon on the Mount for aging sportswriters. Namath has been especially critical this season of Rex Ryan, questioning the Jets' preparation on one occasion and saying Ryan is "too darn nice" to his players on another. And now Namath has taken his critique a step further.

Appearing on Michael Kay's radio show, Namath was told Ryan had worn his jersey to the mall during the bye week. To which Namath answered with a laugh:

"I'm just stunned that the jersey with No. 12 come in that size."

Ryan has since gone on Kay's show, where he was told of Namath's remarks. He laughed it off before adding: "Any fan or any Jets alum is welcome to their opinion. It doesn't mean I have to like it or agree with it." Ryan then called Namath a pathetic old man who hasn't done shit to win a game for the Jets in 35 years.


Well, OK, I made that last part up. But it would have been way better had Ryan actually said it.

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