Rex Ryan Loses Weight-Loss Contest, Despite Having Lap-Band Surgery

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The Jets coach came in third out of three, in a race with two of his players to see who could drop the most pounds in the offseason. That's even with the surgery which makes it impossible not to lose weight.

Kris Jenkins was the winner, losing 33.6 pounds. Damien Woody placed second, at 26.2 pounds lighter. And big Rex pulled up the rear, dropping 20 pounds since issuing the challenge. We remind you, Ryan had an elastic band surgically implanted which limits the amount of food his stomach can hold.


Ryan can make excuses, like the fact that Jenkins started at 392 and Woody at 366, while he only started at 311. But, again, Ryan had major surgery to aid in his weight loss.

And sure, Jenkins and Woody are both younger guys, who partake in athletic activity. But we'd be remiss in not mentioning that neither of them utilized modern medicine to make them physically unable to not lose weight.


So, as a public service announcement, we would like to reiterate that Rex Ryan failed to lose the most weight, despite being a cyborg specifically designed to lose weight. Thank you.

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