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Richard Sherman has never been shy about expressing his thoughts, and what he says is almost always legitimately interesting, whether it’s on Black Lives Matter, the hypocrisy of Ballghazi, the scam of the NCAA, Roger Goodell’s friendliness with Robert Kraft, or Labor Day.

He spoke with ESPN’s Jim Trotter this morning on SportsCenter regarding a few rule changes Goodell has proposed for the upcoming NFL season, including an automatic ejection for players who pick up two personal foul penalties.


He tells Trotter that the rule would be “foolish” and that the proposal reeks of someone who has never played serious football before.

But it sounds like something somebody who’s never played the game would say, something that they would suggest, because he doesn’t understand. He’s just a face. He’s just a suit. He’s never stepped foot on the field and understood how you can get a personal foul.

Additionally, Sherman has a very reasonable proposal for how the NFL can once-and-for-all figure out what a catch is: Let the guys who did a lot of catches decide.

Like I said before, you don’t have a bunch of guys ... let Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin talk about it for about 20, 30 minutes. Maybe Cris Carter. Randy Moss, let those guys have a roundtable discussion about what a catch should be and come up with a rule.



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