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Peace has been achieved in our time. One day after Richard Sherman’s claim that Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield snubbed him in a handshake line was alternately proven and disproven by a multitude of new angles, the 49ers cornerback conceded that he may have gotten too far out over his skis. Sherman joined Da Zone’s Pat McAfee today and said that the situation was “my bad.”

“I never want anybody to have to deal with some shit that they didn’t do,” Sherman said. “The questions that he’s gonna get, and the annoying nonsense questions about some stuff that happened in a game that’s already been done, sure, he’ll get an apology for that.”


Sherman later admitted that he may have misremembered the exact sequence of events on the field. “Sometimes you remember things a little differently than it happened,” he said. “Obviously it still motivated me the same way.”

For his part, Mayfield is taking the kerfuffle in stride:

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