Richie Incognito And Jonathan Martin Texted About "Puss" A Lot

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The Big Lead has obtained over 1,000 text messages sent between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin between October 2012 and November 2013. It reads like your basic text message chain between friends. Except these friends are semi-famous and wealthy athletes, so they talk about partying and hookers, especially hookers. Mostly, they talk about hookers all the time.

The sheer amount of "puss" discussed by Richie Incognito is amazing. He has tunnel vision for puss. From reading the texts you definitely get the feeling that these two have at least a better-than-average working relationship. There is definitely a friendly back-and-forth, and it's clear Incognito was tasked with making sure Martin got his act together. He asks about working out, putting on weight and reading the playbook.


Texts concerning the Vegas trip are included, but seems completely non-controversial.


The biggest takeaway is how obvious the personality contrast is. Incognito is enormous, even in text form and Martin is very reserved for the most part. Whether that's just his way, or because he feels uncomfortable around Incognito but is just trying to cope is anybody's guess. Read all about that, and the hooker puss, at The Big Lead.

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