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Rick Barnes, What

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Purdue and Tennessee are playing overtime in a genuinely fantastic, insane college basketball game. Lots of threes, lots of clutch plays, lots—lots—of missed free throws. Purdue’s Carsen Edwards knocked down a pair of late freebies to tie it up for Purdue, which left Tennessee to inbound the ball under their own basket with 1.7 seconds on the clock. Here is how brain genius Rick Barnes had his guys handle that situation:

That is a designed play that has Tennessee inbounding the ball, executing a pass to get the ball beyond half-court, and then calling an immediate timeout. The timekeeper was a little unfair and probably docked the Volunteers a couple tenths of a second or so, but still. Instead of using 1.7 seconds to try to get a guy in reasonable position for a game-winner, Tennessee used 1.6 seconds to get a second, wholly worthless inbound opportunity a little closer to the hoop. You will not be surprised to learn that the resulting after-time-out play did not result in a bucket.

UPDATE: Purdue took it in overtime, 99-94.

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