Rick Brunson Accused Of Sexual Assault, Using "Patrick Ewing" As Alias

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Former NBA player Rick Brunson is accused of attempting to sexually assault a massage therapist, who he was only able to book for an appointment by giving his name as "Patrick Ewing," according to a police report.

The alleged incident occurred on April 2, at a fitness center in Vernon Hills, Ill. Brunson was arrested on June 25 and charged with attempted criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, and three counts of aggravated battery, but the details weren't available until the release of the police report yesterday.


According to the police report, the alleged victim had given Brunson massages many times before, but told him last year she would stop seeing him after having an undisclosed problem with him. So he allegedly gave the name of his onetime Knicks teammate. From the Chicago Tribune:

He had formerly booked massages with the alleged victim 10-20 times over a three-year period "always using his name," the police report stated. On April 2, "she was surprised to see Brunson when she walked into the massage room since the name in the appointment book was not Brunson's but listed as Patrick Ewing."

According to the record, "Brunson admitted to her that he booked the massage under a different name. … (She) believed he used a fake name to book the massage because she had told him in 2013 that she would not massage him anymore. (She) reluctantly agreed to massage him since he was already there."


Brunson's membership to the club was revoked on April 9, the same day, according to an order of protection the woman took out, Brunson called and texted her multiple times.

Brunson was released on $5,000 bond, and is due in court tomorrow.

Maybe you haven't thought much about Brunson in 15 years forever, but this could have implications for his alma mater, Temple University, which was reportedly planning to hire Brunson as an assistant coach. One might note cynically that Brunson's son, Jalen, is the No. 1 ranked PG prospect in the nation, and has a formal offer from Temple, a school that would normally not be in the conversation for such a touted prospect.