Rick Carlisle's "Dirty Bullshit Has Got To Stop" Led To An Inside The NBA Discussion Of Profanity In Popular Music

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle showed some frustration after Oklahoma City's 102-99 win over Dallas tonight, especially in regard to this incident between Dirk Nowitzki and Kendrick Perkins, one that might look mild when compared with certain proponents of World Peace but an example of the physicality that has set a tenor for the Mavs-Thunder series.


TNT's apology for the language devolved into a discussion of profanity in music, with Charles Barkley insisting it only exists in rap much (which "everybody" listens to) while Kenny Smith attested to his music aptitude with a reference to that famous Pink Floyd album "Off The Wall." (Other revelations: The Jet confessed to owning a Pink Floyd jacket at some point, though you wonder how he'd confuse The Wall with a Michael Jackson album if he was such a big fan.) The brief exchange showed that even when Ernie Johnson's not on-set Inside The NBA is the most entertaining studio show in sports. [TNT]