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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This is a video of the late Rick Majerus leading something called a "Hoes Anonymous" meeting. There's a title card at the beginning of the clip, informing us of some kind of dream sequence, so this has got to be from an unfinished, or never released film, with the possible working title Never Greener. Basically it's Rick Majerus coaching up a bunch of guys who are "hoes." It is pretty strange.


Reader Eric passed it along with the email equivalent of a shoulder shrug and, really, we don't know either. Majerus was known for having a good sense of humor so in all likelihood he's doing a solid for a friend by appearing in this thing. Outside of this speculating, though, all we do know is that Utah-era Rick Majerus says "Here she comes, Ms. Wonderbra 2000, hooters starin' straight up at ya."

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