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Rick Neuheisel Takes the Mic After UCLA-Tennessee And Pours Salt In the Wounds

It's one thing for your team to lose right in front of you. Trust me, I've had plenty of experience with that. Quite another for the opposing coach to take the mic and verbally disembowel you before you've even been able to leave the stadium after an overtime game. Rick Neuheisel pulls it off. Immediately after this speech, UCLA set off fireworks for twenty minutes, it was so dark around the Rose Bowl that we couldn't figure out how to walk back to the hotel, and I contemplated throwing myself off the Colorado Street bridge. Next door to the 9th Circuit court building. Other than that my past four days in California have been awesome. At least I've managed to hit the email perfect storm. SEC fans are emailing because they hate UT for losing to a Pac-10 team and Pac-10 fans are emailing because they hate Tennessee. Tennessee fans aren't emailing at all. They're too busy drinking themselves into blessed oblivion. Me, I'm drinking all the way back across the country. By the time you're reading this I'll be airborne. Maybe by then I'll understand how Kevin Craft threw four interceptions in the first half but turned into Joe Montana in the second half. But probably not. Between writing the UT book, the close games, and being a diehard fan, there's a decent chance I'm not going to live through the season. Anyway, congrats to UCLA's cheerleaders. You helped to ease the pain with your hotness that knows no bounds. I think they should have used the UCLA cheerleaders instead of Neuheisel in the L.A. Times newspaper ad . They could have called out USC's song girls. Unlike tonight's game, everyone would win in that contest. UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel talks about the victory over Tennessee [LA Times] Craft steers unranked UCLA to overtime victory over No. 18 Vols [CBS]


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