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The roiling tensions between Bill Simmons and newly-acquired superstar Rick Reilly had seemed to be more media created than anything else, but more and more it appears the two just absolutely despise each other.

Simmons took his little jabs on his podcast at Reilly, but Reilly displays his displeasure more tacitly, and always seems bemused and utterly dumbfounded as to why every single interviewer seems to want to ask him about Bill Simmons.


In Jon Friedman's "On Media"column about Reilly's jump to ESPN, the middle-aged sap-master lobbed another little poo grenade while explaining the differences between he and Simmons.

Old school-new school. I'm not doing more than 800 words, I'm not from Boston, I don't write a lot about the NBA. I'm more likely to tell a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. He's a blogger. I still love reading him."

Nice save at the end there, Rickster. But that condescension just seems downright palpable, considering how you feel about "bloggers", and all.


This might actually have to be settled outside at the bike rack.

Rick Reilly is ESPN 's new 'Sports Guy' [Marketwatch]

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