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Rick Telander Doesn't Realize That Baseline "Raptors" Sign Isn't Real

It's been two seasons since Toronto introduced their 3D, optical illusion "Raptors" sign underneath each basket. It was sort of cool at first, and even now good for a moment of "oh yeah," whenever you catch a Raps game. But at least we all understand how it works. One Sun-Times columnist does not.

Thanks to 670 The Score's Boers and Bernstein for catching this, and shaming Rick Telander. In a notes column last weekend, Rick Telander spent half a bullet point complaining that "the paint" shouldn't be called the paint, only "the lane." The second half was this:

Why are there so many dangerous obstructions so close to NBA courts?

It’s not amazing when players fly into the stands or fans or announcers or cameramen. It’s amazing when they don’t. NBA players are supreme athletes, and their realm doesn’t stop at the out-of-bounds line.

The Toronto Raptors have a long ‘‘Raptors’’ sign on the floor just a foot behind each baseline. The sign sticks up in the air about three feet, like a triangular billboard. Stupid. Stop it.


If you'd like to see it for yourself, there's a non-paywall mirror of Telander's column here. But really, wouldn't you feel guilty reading this analysis for free?

[CBS Chicago]

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