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Ricky Williams Wants Back In Your Life

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The ball is rolling for Ricky Williams to get himself back in the National Football League. His agent, Leigh Steinberg, claims that Ricky's in the best shape of his life (though I don't know if an agent has ever said that a client of his wasn't in the best shape of his life) and has passed all of his pee-pee tests.


I thought I remembered Ricky saying that he wanted to stay in Canada. I've always personally thought Ricky was extremely likable, but he does have sort of a Ron Artest quality about him — not that he's dangerous, just that he says things that he thinks he believes, but that most people know have zero chance of actually being true.

Anyway, now he's excited about coming back to the NFL and the Miami Dolphins, an organization that hasn't changed much at all since Ricky's been away. The Dolphins, for their part, say there's absolutely nothing to report about Ricky Williams and would seem to want to pretend that Ricky does not exist.

Steinberg also says that Ricky wants to write a book (crayon on hemp, I'm guessing), which I'd consider a must-read. Crazy/interesting athletes have written books before, but none quite on the level of Ricky, and it's usually after they've retired. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that Ricky was able to bang out a few chapters during Argonauts huddles.

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