Rihanna Goes After CBS For Pulling Her Song From Thursday Night Football

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The NFL has already decided it can thrive while excluding women. Its handling of the Ray Rice mess has alienated millions of fans. Sponsors fleeing? They can be replaced. But Roger Goodell really stepped in it now: he's got Rihanna pissed off.

CBS's debut of its new Thursday Night Football package was to be a big event, with a big, dramatic intro featuring Don Cheadle narrating over Rihanna's verses from "Run This Town." In the wake of the league basically admitting it is awful on all things domestic violence, CBS decided it wasn't worth the risk to have one of America's most famous domestic violence victims kick off the action.


It was a shitty situation for CBS to find itself in, but at the same time, what did Rihanna ever do to get bumped besides get punched repeatedly?


Rihanna's understanding of the situation is that her song will be a part of the next and future Thursday night broadcasts. Which means CBS thinks America is done being so sensitive.