RIP, Eddie Robinson

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Legendary college football coach Eddie Robinson died last night at the age of 88. Robinson was the all-time winningest Division I coach, but he's more famous and beloved for what he did for his players through the years at the traditionally black Louisiana college. (When he was hired in 1941, the school was called "Louisiana Negro Normal and Industrial Institute.") He coached from 1941 to 1997, which is an absolutely insane length of time.

"He ranks right up there with Bear Bryant and Amos Alonzo Stagg," [Hall of Famer and former Grambling star Charlie] Joiner said. "It reminds me of one time when another person asked this one guy if Coach Rob was in a class by himself. He stood there and thought for a long time. I really can't say, but it doesn't take long to call the roll."

Robinson had suffered from Alzheimer's symptoms for a few years. Seriously, he coached at the same school for 57 years; to compare, Joe Paterno has been coaching Penn State for 41 years, and Bobby Bowden started his career at Howard College (now Samford) in 1959. Long freaking time.


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