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Rival Soccer Players Know To Expect That Newcastle United's Joey Barton "Will Come In Your Face"

If your tongue absolutely, positively must slip during a sports interview, why not sound as if you're talking sexually when, in fact, you're talking about a rival's tenacity on the English Premier League pitch? This is what happened to Fulham's Philippe Senderos when asked about Newcastle United's Joey Barton.

"With Joey Barton, you know what to expect. He's gonna come strong in the tackle and he's gonna come in your face and you have to be ready before the match."


Which is true. Preparation is key to any endeavor undertaken.

However, the host quickly points out that he doesn't think Barton's aggressive play would go "that far." That's when the gigglefest started, which forced the host to point out, "This is so childish." Which is was.

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