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Riyad Mahrez And Leicester Continue To Clown On Chelsea And All Of England

This is Leicester’s whole season right here. One of their super duo (this time Riyad Mahrez, though Jamie Vardy has also scored on the day) attempting something outrageous, pulling it off, then strutting over to the corner flag in an almost awed confidence as the reality of this fairytale sinks in.


The way Mahrez waves his toothpick legs around and confounds César Azpilicueta, smacks the ball past the keeper, slides over to flag smirking, then just kind of walks and grins at the crowd baying their support encapsulates the team’s response to this remarkable season. You can see in his halfway stunned reaction how he’s still coming to terms with what he’s just done, but also the growing assuredness that yes, this really is what Mahrez and Leicester City do.


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