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Road Beef Spreads Love, Disease In England

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Hi there, UK readers. I see you there, making up 0.54% of our visitors. Since you're the only ones awake and reading this right now, hopefully you'll heed this warning: I wouldn't sleep with any Premiership players for a while.

Keep in mind this is being reported by something called, which bears no connection to the American People Magazine that at least attempts to be taken seriously. But supposedly six Premier League stars all slept with the same groupie, and said groupie just tested positive for HIV.

She told the players, who are now awaiting their test results. Says a nebulous source:

All of them are beside themselves with worry. They are all only too aware of the scandal it will cause. None of them have let their families know yet because they don't want to worry them. It's like a ticking timebomb for them all and would almost certainly end their careers if they have contracted it."


The six players play for three different teams, and the woman isn't sure if she contracted the disease before or after (or during) sleeping with the players. Lots of unanswered questions here, but we'll be hearing more about this shortly, I'd imagine.

Six Premier League Stars Given HIV Alert By Same Girl []

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