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Washington Nationals announcer Rob Dibble used his power of the pen the other night to circle two dumb broads who dared converse at a baseball game. It must have been contagious, because he couldn't shut up either.

The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg noted yesterday that Dibble spent the better part of three innings on Wednesday offering up his expert analysis of two chatty women sitting in the front row:

"Those ladies right behind there, they haven't stopped talking the whole game," Rob Dibble said in the sixth inning of Wednesday night's Nats broadcast. "They have some conversation going on. Right here," he said, circling the offenders. "There must be a sale tomorrow going on here or something....Their husbands are going man, don't bring your wife next time."


You can tell Dibble doesn't understand women at all, because a woman would never spend that much time talking to a friend about an upcoming sale. It would completely destroy her competitive advantage, especially if the friend wore the same size! Most likely they were talking about other women and how much they hate them.

"All right Bob, now they're back there, they're eating ice cream and talking at the same time," Dibble noted in the top of the eighth.

"I just got an e-mail that said there's a lot of women who come to the games — while their husbands are the ones at home — because they love this game," Carpenter noted, briefly touching base with the 21st century. "Tread carefully, Mr. Dibble."

"My wife loves to come to the game, but they're right there, still talking," Dibble countered.

"Well, better there than the two seats behind you on an airplane on a five-hour flight," Carpenter said.

"Yeah, that's true," Dibble agreed.

A good point, actually, because it was not made by Dibble. (He went on to float the theory that they were filming an episode of Real Housewives of DC.) Anyway, my biggest problem with this is not that it's offensive or misogynistic — because really, what isn't? — but rather that it's simply derivative. And Walt Clyde Frazier did it way fucking better.

(Love the sweater, Breeny baby!)

I almost feel sorry for Dibble, who has long enjoyed leering at the ladies. I mean, staring at two DC matrons clucking about their kiddos is a big step down for a man who once watched a "beautiful porn star in a Jacuzzi" boning one of his "fat, ugly teammates." Maybe he was looking in a mirror.


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