Rob Gronkowski Attends Charity Event, Removes Shirt, (Maybe) Pours Drink On Woman [UPDATED]

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It began as a busy offseason of funneling beers, wearing Zubaz, and lying around with cats for Rob Gronkowski, but it's been a while since we've had a genuine sighting of yo soy fiesta. That relative quiet may or may not have had anything to do with negotiations for the lucrative contract extension Gronk inked last week with the Patriots. But now that the deal is done, he was clearly in a mood to celebrate, though his excitement might have had something to do with Saturday's date, too.

The Boston Herald says Gronk belted out some LMFAO and Vanilla Ice and "stole the show" at teammate Zoltan Mesko's Children's Hospital benefit Saturday night. But those sleuths of sleaze over at Shot of Ginn have gathered several photos of Gronk in action, including the one you see to the right, in which it looks like he crossed some sort of line with a pair of security guards, perhaps because he wasn't wearing a shirt.


But that's not all! Shot of Ginn also passes along a pair of Twitter reports that indicate Gronk didn't just down one of his drinks by consuming it:

Shot of Ginn also says it spoke to "someone with knowledge of the situation," and that "she stated that a friend had introduced the girl to Gronkowski, to which Rob allegedly looked her up and down and then proceeded to dump his Jack and Coke on her."


Update (3:22 p.m.): We've confirmed that Gronk removed his shirt sometime after the charity event, which ended at 10 p.m., at which point the club was open to the public.

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