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Rob Gronkowski, Shirtless Matt Light Danced Away Their Sorrows After The Super Bowl

Ever wonder what the losers do after the big game? Well, some sulk in hotel rooms. Others cry in their beer. And some dance. They dance like no one's watching, even when someone is watching, which is what many people were doing last night as Matt Light took off his shirt and started to boogie, according to the friend of one guy who was watching:


In fact, the guy couldn't look away, especially not after Light and Rob Gronkowski called a Jersey Shore audible and hopped on stage to fist pump:

The pas de deux occurred at the official invite-only Patriots post-game party, which took place at the inappropriately named Victory Field (home to the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians) and featured LMFAO, Maroon 5, and Steven Tyler. Sounds less like a celebration and more like an enormous Irish wake. Also: Earth, Wind & Fire were playing. Win or lose, you are always allowed to get down to Earth, Wind & Fire. When the nuclear winter comes and Bill Belichick is worm food, you will be dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire.

UPDATE: Looks like Gronkowski also removed his shirt during the LMFAO set:

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