After being fired and blamed for the Cowboys' failure last season, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan went to the Saints. With his scheme, the Saints' defense has substantially improved, allowing Drew Brees to create a lead and keep it. It's worked so far, as the Saints are 6-1, but fans in New Orleans love Ryan not only as a coach, but as a person, too.

Apparently, an hour or so after every game—presumably just home games?—Ryan heads to Ms. Mae's and hangs out with the folks there. The man with a previously gigantic appetite has a regular order.

From Brett Michael Dykes of the New York Times:

Ryan had his usuals, Matherne said: “Two Rolling Rocks and a bag of chips — Zapp’s — and I think he sneaks in a shot of Irish whiskey, too.”


“He comes in after every game now, usually within an hour of the game ending,” Matherne said as he carved a Halloween pumpkin on a table at Ms. Mae’s. “And the whole bar cheers every time he walks in. I think he takes a shower and comes straight here, because his hair is usually still wet when he gets here.”

Hopefully, that's shower water and not game sweat. Let's also hope that Ryan stays in NOLA for a while. It's a great fit.


Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images