Rob Ryan On Rex's Foot Fetish: "Naw, I Mean Hell, He Is A Little Freaky I Guess"

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You may have read about the possible foot-fetish-filmin' proclivities of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. He likes feet, Deadspin told you last December, and then Wes Welker joked about it while Ryan wouldn't talk about it.

Now, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, we have some confirmation that Rex and Michelle Ryan were the ones in the video. The confirmation comes from Rex's twin Rob, defensive coordinator of the Cowboys, who will play the Jets on Sunday.

"Aw hell who cares," Rob Ryan said Monday in the Cowboys locker room. "Believe me, everybody has whatever screwed up thing going on. I don't care. I'm sure you do, and everybody else that points fingers. Who cares? Everybody has a life off the field. Who gives a crap? I'm sure I'm worse than he is. So big deal."
"Naw, I mean hell, he is a little freaky I guess," Rob Ryan said. "Hell, I don't know. I like everything about my wife. She got great feet, too. She got everything nice. What the hell."


Rob, if you'd like to prove to Deadspin that you are worse than Rex is, please get in touch with us posthaste.

Rob Ryan talks about his brother's foot fetish, says he's freaky as is everybody else [Cowboys Corner]