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Robert Griffin III And Santana Moss Are Sniping About Mike Shanahan's Firing

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Former Washington wide receiver Santana Moss, who retired in 2014, went on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. yesterday morning and dredged up some good gossip from the early-2010s Skins teams. Moss played with Robert Griffin III for three seasons, two of which came under coach Mike Shanahan. In their first year together, Washington won 10 games and their division, but the wheels came off the next year, as they finished dead last in the NFC East and Shanahan was promptly fired.

Moss addressed the ignominious end to the Shanahan era on his radio appearance, and he didn’t hold back, claiming that RG3 had celebrated when Shanahan was fired, only to have it worse once Jay Gruden inherited the job.

“You can’t do that,” Moss said. “One thing I’ll just share with you: God don’t like ugly. So the little credit that he did take for saying that, ‘Hey, they didn’t like what I was doing,’ or ‘they benched me and not allowing me to play,’ that’s what happens.”

“So 2014 comes, and Jay Gruden comes in, and he don’t care,” Moss continued. “We see that now. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what he says about you, he doesn’t care what he says at you.

“And he rips RG every chance he gets, like every meeting, and we’re sitting there looking like, ‘Yeah. You know what? You were just so happy that Mike and Kyle and them is gone, but now you’re getting your behind ripped every day, because you’re not playing the kind of football that we need to play for us to be successful.’”

“So it comes back and bites you in your behind,” Moss said. “Because now you see this guy is at home. And, to be honest with you, I give it to you raw. I don’t know no other way to give it to you — raw and uncut, I always say that.”


Moss then hinted that Griffin put on a public persona and was more a dick than he let on. This sort of lines up with an anecdote from February 2013, where an unhappy Griffin allegedly marched into Shanahan’s office and lectured his coaches on how to coach. Griffin, who is currently out of a job after a year in Cleveland, was not happy to hear from Moss, and he went on a bit of a rant.


I hope the 2012-2015-era Washington drama never ends, and we get, say, an Evan Royster vs. Reed Doughty beef soon.

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