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Robert Griffin III Might Be The Saddest Man

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Don't be fooled by his season-high passer rating yesterday (earned with five snaps in garbage time of Washington's 24-0 loss to St. Louis). Robert Griffin III is broken up inside. Via CBS DC, Washington Post Skins writer Mike Jones recounts what Griffin's been up to since losing the starting QB gig:

"Last Friday, after practice, he was on the field by himself for like 40 minutes, just punting the ball, and running after it, and punting the ball and running after it," Jones informed The Junkies. "The guy looks like he's lost, doesn't know what's going on, and so I did feel bad for him."

"So wait a minute; he was on the practice field, in the bubble, just punting the ball — like a kid would, just out in the back yard?" Bishop asked.

"Out there on the practice field," Jones said. "He stayed there. This was outside, after everybody's in the locker room changing their clothes, getting ready to go, and he's just out there for like 40 minutes punting the ball, he's run after it, punt the ball."

Perhaps Griffin's spirits were lifted by the "R-G-3" chants raining down from the FedEx Field stand, after Colt McCoy unsurprisingly turned out to be terrible. Unless Griffin understands sarcasm; then he probably just felt worse.


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