Robert Kekaula Apologizes For Calling Fresno "The Armpit Of America"

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Hawai'i football broadcaster Robert Kekaula got a dig in on Fresno at the end of Saturday's game against Fresno State, signing off by calling the California city "the armpit of America." Tuesday, Kekaula apologized for his accurate description.

Kekaula reportedly wrote a letter of apology to Fresno State president Joseph Castro and the unfortunate people who live in Fresno. Via the Fresno Bee:

In his apology, Kekaula said he was making a lighthearted joke with a statistician when he realized the comment had been made on the air. Kekaula said it's "quite embarrassing really."

"No excuses. That was wrong of me to say," Kekaula said. "I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to all of Bulldog Nation, to Fresno State President Joseph Castro, head football coach Tim DeRuyter and the always hospitable people of Fresno.

"There is no excuse for my action, and no defense I could make for what I uttered. I did mention in our broadcast, and have always felt, that Fresno State is, by a long shot, both the best and toughest place to play football in the Mountain West Conference. The fans at Bulldog Stadium are awesome. ...

"Nonetheless, my actions and my words, no matter the intent, were wrong. I offended some people, and to them … to all really … I'm sorry. Please accept my sincere apology."


New Jersey has always been the armpit of America to me. That might be East Coast bias, but the fact that the state's location makes it look like an armpit really does give it an advantage over other potential armpits of America. Feel free to share your armpits of America, bearing in mind that Fresno is unquestionably among them.

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