According to this article in The Village Voice, Ilya Dall of Whitestone, Queens is “an impressive female arm wrestler.” Or at least she once was.

A reader spotted this 1998 article earlier today:

Luckily, several of the guys there have previously cracked their bones in competition - one is even in a cast. Craig Saputo, an amateur champ at 150 pounds, sees patiently to my arm, while lefty pro Selearis sits me on a garbage can and the impressive female arm wrestler, Ilya Dall, arrives with a cell phone to dial an ambulance and my wife.

Dall is also listed in the New York Golden Arm Series Long Island Championship results from 1998, when she would have been 20 or 21.

On the left is Dall as she looks today, on the right is a photo I found on the New York Arm Wrestling Association site. Hey, it could be her!

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