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Well, when your supposedly legendary franchise has started the season 2-3, you just lost at home to a team from the WAC and your head coach boss thinks he's actually fooling anyone with that toupee ... sometimes all that will leave you in a foul mood.

After Kansas' loss to Nevada last night, Jayhawks assistant coach Jim Dooley clearly told Wolf Pack star Nick Fezekas to do something to himself that involved the word "fuck." No one has discovered whether Fezekas did anything to inspire this anger, but ESPN caught it on camera and now everyone's apologizing.


For the sake of discussion:

Bill Self. Kansas. 2-3. Has his coaches cursing out teams that beat him.
Bruce Weber. Illinois: 6-0. Breaks his ankle working on his own lawn.

Kansas Statement On Incident [KU Athletics]

(Update: Hey, who wants some video?)


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