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Rocket's Red Glare Too Much For Blue Jay

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NBA players pull guns on each other in the locker room. MLB players shoot themselves in the face with fireworks. And we wonder why kids don't dream of being baseball players anymore.


Many players have clauses in their contracts which prevent them from certain offseason activities. Monta Ellis nearly had his contract voided after injuring himself on a moped. Aaron Boone got sent packing after tearing his ACL playing basketball. At least Edwin Encarnacion was bright enough to hurt himself doing something so stupid that no contract lawyer could have foreseen it.

Encarnacion was setting off fireworks on New Year's with his family in the Dominican Republic, when his brother lit a rocket. It shot laterally instead of straight up, and Encarnacion's infielder instincts took over. He got in front of it, and knocked it down with his head.


It hit him in the jaw and exploded, giving him first- and second-degree burns on his face.

Thank God everything is OK with my face. I don't have any fractures or serious injuries and I won't need any kind of surgery," Encarnacion told on the phone while leaving Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"The doctors say that I'll have to spend one week out of the sun, but that I'll be able to work out without any problems in two weeks," Encarnacion said.

Need to stay out of the sun? I know a shed in Lubbock that's perfect.

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