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Rockies Fans Have Earned It, History Or Not

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Of all the photos we came across from Coors Field last night, we think this one is our favorite. Not because it reminds us of a similar experience, but because we think it's the only appropriate reaction to what the Rockies have done over the last month. This guy has probably never been happier, though we doubt he knows that lady next to him.

The Rockies' fanbase is often underrated due to its age. We can understand Red Sox, Cubs and Indians fans, familiar with far more extended periods of suffering, mocking the Rockies; ooh, you waited 14 years. How AWFUL. But we think that's probably unfair. If you were from Denver and never had a team of your own, you've spent a decade and a half waiting for something, anything to happen with your team. And this is not necessarily a Johnny Come Lately fan base; they continue to hold the all-time single-season attendance record, 4.5 million, from their first season. Maybe you can't talk to your grandfather about how he suffered with the Rockies as a boy, but that doesn't mean the jubilation isn't earned.

It'll be eight days before the World Series begins. One might say this could cool the Rockies off, but at this point, it's not merely a matter of being hot. The Rockies are better than everyone else right now, and it's not even that close.

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