Rockies Serve Cheap Swill To Appease Cubs Fans

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Whenever the Cubs travel to Denver to play the Rockies, the stadium is full of Cubs fans. This is just a part of life—Cubs fans are everywhere at all times, and especially in Colorado, where fans were forced to turn to WGN for shitty Cubs baseball in the days before they had their own team—and nothing worth getting too upset about. What is bullshit, however, is this right here:


In case you aren’t aware, Old Style is a wholly unremarkable beer—the result if someone deemed PBR just too damn flavorful and set out to fix the problem—that people from Chicago pretend to like because doing so fills them with provincial pride. Its esteem is driven by the same impulse that makes people from Pennsylvania defend the reputation of Yuengling with their fists, and makes people from Cincinnati pretend that eating gross diarrhea sludge is actually good. The only reason to serve Old Style at a baseball stadium is if you are trying to appease Cubs fans by presenting them an opportunity to be performative Chicagoans in public. “Gotta have my Old Style!” yells the dude who loves Chicago so much that he moved to Denver. (Meanwhile, Cubs fans in Wrigley Field tend to drink Budweiser, just like assholes everywhere.)

I reached out the the Rockies’ public relations department to see if Old Style is always served during home games, or if it is only sold as a special treat when the Cubs are in town. I got this response:

We have sold Old Style for several years during Cubs series.