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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Rockies Sweep, Just As They Prayed For

Illustration for article titled Rockies Sweep, Just As They Prayed For

Major League Baseball's only team with an official religious affiliation is moving on to their first National League Championship Series. Although it's a new level of baseball for the young franchise there will be a sense of familiarity with their opponent. With Arizona and Colorado each sweeping their way through the NLDS we're guaranteed to see a team from the NL West hoisting the pennant.


The Rockies rode a wave a wave of pitching that has led them to an other-worldly—dare I say, heaven-sent— string of victories over the past few weeks. Last night the unheralded Ubaldo Jimenez pitched 6.1 innings while allowing just seven runners to reach base. The lone run that the Phillies were able to put on the scoreboard came from a Shane Victorino solo shot on what would be Jimenez's final pitch of the evening. The home run gave brief life to the woebegone Phillies, but the 1-1 tie would not last long.


The Rockies took the lead back in bottom of the eighth inning when Garrett Atkins driven in by Jeff Baker's pinch-hit flare to right field. From there it was left to Manny Corpas who came through to pick up his third save in as many games.

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