Rod Barajas Goes...Down

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This scintillating piece of photojournalism comes courtesy of Sports Hernia, where glory-seeking Blue Jays' catcher Rod Barajas dives for a foul ball and lands face-first in this poor woman's lap at Fenway Park.

This is a wonderful collage of facial expressions: the WASPy hot woman (terrified), the kid in the gray hoodie (shock) and the bespectacled 50ish creeper in the North Face jacket (engorged). No word on whether this woman filed charges.

Couple things to think about now that we've all got Rod Beavajas on the brain:

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• Give these kids some iPod shuffles so they just don't sit around the classroom all day huffing rubber glue.


• Basketballs are needed here. Spaldings, they say. They're tired of shooting rotten melons into waste baskets.

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