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We learned yesterday that Brooklyn Decker, who doesn't play a sport, has now appeared on more Sports Illustrated covers than her husband, Andy Roddick, who occasionally plays a sport very well.

Decker is this year's Swimsuit Issue cover model; Roddick, of course, has never been featured on SI's cover. 15-love. But take heart, Andy. The club of people and things that have appeared on more SI covers than you — such as Bizarro Superman, Bob Hope, Felipe Lopez, Northwestern football, this angry bear, an Old English sheepdog, several different bulldogs, a nice pitbull, a mean pitbull, some dachshunds, a Bedlington terrier, a cat, a baboon, a fish, a couple seals, this boat, and this boat, and this boat, and this boat, and this boat, not to mention an ice floe, a balloon, and, oh yeah, Omar Minaya, too — is a very exclusive club, indeed.


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