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Roger Clemens Begs You To Sue Him

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So here's a fun twist: There's a possibility, after Roger Clemens' HARD HITTING interview with Mike Wallace this Sunday on "60 Minutes," that Brian McNamee could sue him.

McNamee's lawyer says, if Clemens accuses him of lying, he will definitely sue. This, however, could be exactly what Clemens wants.

Best case for Clemens: McNamee, even if he is telling the truth, fails to carry his considerable burden of proof or, even worse, ends up losing his legal team over financial issues and the case just melts away. If that happens, Clemens declares victory, the national media does an about-face, and the Rocket is voted into Cooperstown in his first year of eligibility.


We're not so sure it's gonna be that easy for Clemens, but nevertheless, it'll be fun to see Mike Wallace attempt to stay awake through all his questions. We also like the idea of Wallace saying, "Is it true, Mr. Clemens, that you took shots in the ass?" It's nice to see ancient journalists keeping their dignity.

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