Roger Clemens' Next Employment Opportunity

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If Roger Clemens ever tires of heading out there and "defending" "his" name," he's gonna come to the harsh reality that he is, after all, unemployed. As you wonder aloud what he might be qualified to do — we suggest perhaps dry cleaning — the Huntsville Stars, the Double A affiliate for the Milwaukee Brewers, have a job they think that might serve him: Mascot.


In an open letter (PDF) to Clemens, they offer them a position as team mascot. Well, backup team mascot, actually.

We have already designed a new logo for the Huntsville Stars that now includes a rocket. Since everybody this side of Venus knows you as the 'Rocket,' we would like to offer you the position of our team's official secondary mascot, 'Rocket.' As 'Rocket,' you will dress as an astronaut and simply interact with fans and assist in on-field promotions during our 70-game home schedule when the primary mascot, Homer the Polecat, is not available.

We firmly believe that you would be a great addition to our organization and are willing to move forward in the negotiation process as soon as possible. Although the position isn't the most lucrative in Minor League Baseball, we will guarantee that you'll have the most fun of any team with which you've been employed. In addition to your $25 per game, you will receive meal vouchers redeemable at the concession stands for one hotdog and one soft drink each night, and a 15% employee discount at our team's souvenir store, The Backstop Shop.

You know, that's a pretty good deal. The question hangs there, unanswered: Drug testing, or no?

Stars Letter To Clemens (PDF)