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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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All told, as the dust has settled from Roger Clemens' appearance before Congress yesterday, one thing is clear: There is, in fact, a worse stance to take under oath than "I'm not here to talk about this past." And it involves ass bleeding.

As the quite amusing updates its Dickipedia entry on Clemens, we sit back and wonder why Clemens put himself through all this. He's the one who fought the Mitchell Report charges so vehemently, and those denials are the real reason he was up there yesterday anyway. And yesterday only made him look like more of a liar.

Clemens spoke haltingly, answered evasively, contradicted himself, and whispered with his lawyers when asked to explain these contradictions. Perhaps, like Sammy Sosa in 2005, he would've been better off claiming he didn't speak English.


So where does Clemens go from here? Is there anything he can do? We don't think so; we think this was the final step. What more can the man say about steroids at this point? It's over for him.

This is yet another reason why most baseball players shouldn't talk.

The Rocket Under Fire [Slate]

(UPDATE: Here's a great rundown from The Atlantic Monthly.)

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