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You've probably seen the video by now of Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers going after two cameramen before yesterday's Rangers-Angels game. Rogers was sent home right after the game, and the cameraman, Larry Rodriguez, was sent to the hospital.

While we wonder, having watched the video, just what injury caused Rodriguez to be all prostrate on a stretcher, we still can't help but marvel most at just how psycho Rogers is, for a 41-year-old. Rogers, despite his resurgence this year, hasn't talked to the press once, which we, unlike most people, think is fine; we've never understood why answering the same question from the same pasta-stained wretches was so vital to the public interest, or inherent in the job requirement. But you can't exactly go out and there and start kicking cameras either. Those things are expensive. We're wondering how long the suspension is; since this is The Gambler, we'll stay on 16 (games).


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