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Rolling Pelicans Roasted By Steph Curry's Spontaneous Combustion

The Pelicans came into the second half Wednesday night up five over the Warriors, and quickly added to the lead until it got as big as 16 points. The Pelicans are a fun and surprisingly tough matchup for the Warriors, and they appeared to have the game firmly in their grasp with 4:49 left in the third quarter and the score at 98-82.


That dynamic went all to shit in just the time left in the quarter, because Steph Curry is an alien. In just the last 4:05 of the third quarter, Curry hit six three pointers. He went an insane 7-of-8 from deep in the period, and put up 23 points, and brought the Warriors crowd to screeching, ecstatic life, and by the time anyone caught their breath the quarter was over and the Warriors were up a point:

Anthony Davis is great. Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and especially Kevin Durant are all great. Steph Curry is a space alien. “Great” doesn’t even begin to describe it. He’s hiding some sort of Martian gravity device under his damn jersey. Not all of those shots are insane, but several of them are borderline unfair, and anyway all of them together is just ridiculous and breathtaking and, in the case of the Pelicans, deeply demoralizing. The Warriors, reinvigorated by Steph’s explosion, kept the initiative in the fourth quarter and toppled the wobbly and punch-drunk Pelicans, by the score of 147–140.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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