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Rolling Stone Publishes, Then Unpublishes, Column Criticizing The NFL

Friend of Deadspin Jeb Lund (also known as monstrous, deceased dictator Mobutu Sese Soko) published a column today under the headline "Screw the Super Bowl: The Big Lies of the Big Game" on Rolling Stone's website. You can't read it on anymore, though, because it mysteriously disappeared shortly after publication.

The page where Lund's piece used to exist is no more, and the only remaining evidence that it was ever there at all are Google results and a tweet Lund sent out earlier today:


As you probably assumed, the column is critical of both Roger Goodell and the NFL as a whole, which raises all kinds of questions about why it was spiked post-publication. If you want to read it for yourself—and you should! It's good!—you can do so over at Lund's personal blog.

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