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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Ron Artest Is Still A Little Confused About Why Deadspin Was Calling His Phone

Here's what he told the LA Times: ""You know what man, it was kind of crazy," Artest said. "People are trying to pull not even pranks, but try to stir something up that doesn't make any sense. It really doesn't make any sense. People call you and then pull pranks. I never shied away from the media. You can't be trying to end people's lives and what you think they have. I wasn't worried about anything. People are trying to start trouble and that's it. You have to move on."


According to Ron's Twitter, he is moving on, but with another Deadspin contributor:

ronartest When is chris Kluwe's next show!! I'm going!!!!!

A match made in heaven, with Mark Cuban's college buddies there to photograph, I hope.


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