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Ron Artest Is Taking This Journalism Business Quite Seriously

There are many adjectives you can use to describe Ron Artest, but a couple more you want to add to that list are "fair and balanced."

Courtesy of Detroit Bad Boys, it appears that skirmish-loving Kings' forward is looking to nab another interview for "Best Damn Sports Show." His white whale? John Green, the Pistons fan who chucked the beer cup at Artest that sparked one of the ugliest (and captivating) moments in professional sports history. The Sacramento Bee has the details:

Apparently, Green has already been tracked down and appears to be on board with the plan. No date has been set, but the buzz grew enough that Fox’s Best Damn Sports Show caught wind of it and wanted Artest to do the interview in their LA studio. Artest, who has grown so comfortable in the studio of KHTK’s Carmichael Dave as his unofficial co-host recently, wants to do it in “his” house and Best Damn may be sending a video crew to capture the magic.


Wonder if he could get Jermaine O'Neal to work the boom mic?

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